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When my grandfather-in- law retired from being a missionary to India and then Dean of a now well known Christian College, people continued to send him money for “missions.” Eventually that ministry became a clearing house for mission funds that was unique in that the organization did not take any money for their own expenses but whatever money came in for the support of a missionary, went 100% for the support of that missionary. While it cleared over 2 million dollars a year, they relied for their support on the money that came in specifically designated for them or as undesignated funds. They were never wealthy, but at the same time they never lacked. 

In the light of that, and in the light of the fact that I have pastored and been a part of small churches where the budget could not stretch for a weekend retreat for the pastor and family, let alone a sabbatical I will not charge a set fee for this.  If you could afford to take a break, you already would have. If your church could afford to give you vacation time/a sabbatical, they already would have. So yes, the church can continue to pay you. 

That being said, this ministry does have costs involved. It costs money to live and more money to keep gas in the truck and propane in the camper. I am willing to trust God for my needs. He has never let me down in all the years I have been in ministry. I will trust God for the $3,000 a month living expenses and gas and insurance, if you will be honest with the Lord about what you can and cannot afford to provide for me. 

Mileage (from where I am to where you are) IRS rates - currently .55 a mile

Pulpit supply and church oversight $500 a week 

Presence $60 an hour


I have a 26 ft travel trailer and do expect a place to park it; preferably with a water and power source.  It is an extended season trailer, but is not adequate for Northern or Montana winters. 


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