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Too many pastors, especially of small, underfunded churches need A Break, or need a listening presence to help them find A Way through current ministry context. Maybe there are difficulties, maybe there are not, but we all, even pastors, need a pastor; a totally safe place to express, vent, and escape from the demands of the calling. 


  1. To provide pulpit supply/church fill in for up to a month while the pastor takes a break.

  2. To provide an experienced, safe, listening presence for pastors and spouses; especially in contexts where there are few other options for that.

  3. To provide a continuing prayer contact for personal support of pastors.

  4. To help with educational/formation classes to relieve scheduling pressure.

Countryside Wooden House
Winding Road


because pastors need one


because pastors need to get away


because pastors sometimes need to totally breakaway

Snowy Night

A Way

because sometimes pastors need someone to come alongside and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, find a way through their wilderness

Snowy Night
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