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White Bed Linens

BreakAWay Ministry

Risa Paul

Break -             because pastors need one

Away -              because pastors need to get away

Breakaway -  because pastors sometimes need to totally        


A Way -            because sometimes pastors need someone to

                            come alongside and, with the help of the Holy

                            Spirit, find a way through their wilderness 


There are two types of tired:
One that requires rest, and one that requires peace.
-Author Unknown

What is BreakAWay

Pulpit Supply

Pulpit supply is available for up to 4 consecutive weeks. While you and your spouse take time to be with each other, I will fill the pulpit.   


Too often in ministry, while we know we can “take it to the Lord in prayer,” we have no one safe with whom to talk it out and no money for a therapist. 


There are seasons that just have too much to cram into a week that is already too full. I will be happy to help with a specialized Bible Study or special course.

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